"Children's House" - new approach for interviewing sexual abuse victims


In February 2017 “Center Dardedze” has launched a pilot project with a goal to develop a system of collaboration in cases of sexual violence against children – the so-called "Children’s house" or "Barnahus" model where child victims of sexual violence are interviewed at one specialized place. The model puts the rights and interests of the child at its centre and provides integrated and multidisciplinary support that focuses specifically on importance of one-time interviewing of child victim for better investigation and judicial involvement in cases of sexual violence against children.

First performed actvities of pilot project including shaping the methodology, mapping the existing practice and responsibilities of each involved institution, providing platform for cooperation between the institutions and adjusting “Centre Dardedze” premises have led to important phase – performing interviews of child victims in accordance with standards of "Children's house" model.

To mark the beginning of a new approach in investigating cases of sexual violence against children and highlight the importance of cooperation between the 12 different organizations involved in the process, press conference was organized with following high-level speakers: Jānis Reirs – Minister of Welfare, Raivis Kronbergs - State Secretary of Ministry of Justice, Ineta Pilāne - Deputy Ombudsman and Ints Ķuzis - Head of State Police, who once again confirmed their support to child-friendly interviewing model.


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