DARDEDZE meets partners from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Lithuania


At "Dardedze Centre" (Dardedze) premises on the 22nd and 23rd February we had a great pleasure to host our longtime collaboration partners from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Reason for meeting was to look back at results and plan next steps for two projects „Childhood without abuse – towards a better child protection system in Eastern Europe” – a project financed by OAK Foundation, as well as project „Smack free home for every child” – a project financed by European Commission Daphne III programme (project no. JUST/2009/DAP3/AG/1122-30-CE-0395783/00-06).

 The objective of project “Smack free home for every child” is to raise awareness of parents of young children (aged 0-3) on the negative consequences of corporal punishment and any other cruel behaviour towards young children in home environment and to enhance their practical knowledge on positive discipline methods. The project is being implemented since February 2011 and will last until January 2013. In its turn OAK project activities are aimed at improving the children protection system in Latvia. The main objective is to improve the competences of professionals working with children exposed to violence and abuse, as well as to raise general public’s awareness and participation in prevention of child abuse.

 During the meeting partners shared their experiences about recently implemented social campaign about sexual abuse called „Bad touch” and it’s influence on wider society. In 2011 an extensive study on small children’s rights protection system has been made, seminars, supervisions and other activities organized.

 In this spring Dardedze, as well as other partners will carry out a campaign to raise public awareness about positive parenting. In the scope of both projects, it is also planned to publish several educational materials addressed to professionals and parents of small children,organize seminars and publish international good practice brochure for professionals, who work with parents of small children.  

 During this visit our guests had a study tour in Dardedze, they learned about our projects and everyday life. For example, Daniele from Moldova writes: „I was extremely impressed by the Džimba program, you are a creative group and the program developed by you is very original.” Several partners expressed a desire to introduce Džimba programs in their organizations.

 More detailed information about OAK Foundation project and campaigns is available here: http://www.canee.net/

 Partners from Poland – organization „Nobody’s Children Foundation” – introduced us with their new homepage, where is published all information about social campaigns, advertisements and other useful recourses and ideas: http://fdn.pl/en/projects-and-programmes



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