International workshop for specialists from crises centres "Therapeutic tools and focus areas in treatment of sexually abused children and adolescents"


On 3rd of November, 2011, within the framework of a campaign “Bad Touch” Center Against Abuse “Dardedze” was inviting the social workers and psychologists from crises centers in Latvia, as well as colleagues from Lithuania, who work with sexually abused children on daily basis, to take part in an international workshop “Therapeutic tools and focus areas in treatment of sexually abused children and adolescents”.

During the workshop specialists were introduced with the most essential areas to focus on in child sexual abuse treatment, therapeutic tools to address these areas were exemplified and demonstrated.The focus areas and therapeutic tools were presented in a way that they can be used by therapists of different theoretical orientations and levels of experience. The workshop included case discussions and practical demonstration sof techniques described in the handbook for therapists “The Vasa Tool Box”.

The workshop was lead bya Swedish expert Bengt Söderström – a psychologist working at Stockholm Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Evaluation unit at the Vasa clinic, specializing in work with sexually abused children, adolescents and their families. Mr. Söderström is editor and co-author of  the handbook “The Vasa Tool Box”.

The workshop and publication of the handbook for therapists was financially supported by Oak Foundation and the Embassy of Netherlands in Latvia.





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