Kids First and Center Dardedze Prevent Child Abuse in Rural Latvia


Kids First and Center Dardedze Prevent Child Abuse in Rural Latvia

The second year of the Center Dardedze programs, Dzimba and Guardian Angel, continues to experience success in the municipalities of Ludza and Karsava. A primary goal of the programs was to engage children in conversations about child abuse and to equip them with the knowledge to know what actions are right and wrong.

The programs also work to train teachers, school administrators, counselors, and social workers how to have those conversations and to offer support to those who need it. The two programs continue to provide support to the regions and have been encouraged by the willingness of the local governments to contribute resources.

As we entered the second year of the programs, we felt confident that we could use this same approach to reach more children in other regions of Latvia. Despite reports in recent years that the Latvian economy has been improving, there are still many impoverished rural areas of the country that continue to need our support. With the overall objective of preventing child abuse, especially child sexual abuse, we identified and established partnerships with the rural district municipalities in the Kurzeme region, Kuldiga and Kandava.

Consistent with past experience, the school-based and family-based programs were Kids First and Center Dardedze Prevent Child Abuse in Rural Latvia Child abuse prevention professionals attend Dzimba training in Latvia in November 2016. 5 repeated in these new districts. The school-based program works primarily with the educational board of the district, school principals, teachers, tutors, psychologists, and school nurses. The family-based program is designed to work directly with the district’s social welfare department, social services, counselors, and social workers. 

Thanks to Kids First Fund - together we are doing great things for children by preventing abuse before it occurs!

Full report available here.

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