Training of forum theatre method – to fight against bullying in schools


From 29th of August till 2nd of September,2011, a group of youth from Dardedze under guidance of specialists of Interactivetheatre studio „Laiva” created little forum theatre performances with a help ofwhich „Centre Dardedze” will continue to activate the problem of bullying inschools.

Forum theatre is an interactive theatre andsocial method, which deals with a topical problem and stimulates its analysis,empathy and problem solving by inviting the audience to participate with theirideas during the play to change its development. This method already is used inmany parts of the world, to draw public attention to the various problems thatthere is.

During the training youth participated intheoretical lessons about bullying and structure of forum theatre, as well asin practical lessons – such as public speech, dramatics, scenario writing andalso forum theatre group leadership.

In the result – the trained group of youth isgoing to visit schools with the created performances. They will attend those pupilsfrom the 7 -10th grade who have previously participated in the firstpart of the program “Courage to be friendly” – “The Tolerance lesson” which touchessuch values as dignity, tolerance, honesty, understanding, acceptance andfriendship.





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