Final event of the project „Promotion of child safe and friendly family environment in municipalities of Latvia”


Final event of the project „Promotion of child safe and friendly family environment in municipalities of Latvia”

On September 17, 2015 at 11:00 in Eduards Smiļģis Theatre Museum Center Dardedze organizes final event of the project „Promotion of child safe and friendly family environment in municipalities of Latvia”. Pilot project was carried out from October 2013 till September 2015 in three municipalities – Dobele, Roja and Salacgrīva.

The main aim of the project was in cooperation with regional social departments establish a multi-sectoral, integrated approach towards violence prevence, child protection, and welfare promotion in Dobele, Roja, Salacgrīva as well as a pilot project for other areas. Strengthen and develop skills of professionals who are working in the respective industry, their mutual cooperation, and better preventive and protection approach, including NGO and voluntary work, in Dardedze tested social support and rehabilitation programs. Involve children, families (especially males) and communities with aim to create violence free, child safe and friendly environment, thereby minimizing risks of social exclusion. Target groups engaged during project – children, families (males especially) and communities.

Manager of Center Dardedze's Preventive centre Agnese Sladzevska: “In cooperation with social services of Dobele, Roja and Salacgrīva municipalities and industry professionals during two year period we have accomplished a lot by implementing various programs, and promoting compliance of child interests and creating safer and more friendly family environment. Thanks to all municipality representatives, experts, as well as children, families and communities who got involved in project's implementation and continues to apply acquired skills with aim to encourage the change.”

During project's implementation situation analysis were carried out in Dobele, Roja and Salacgrīva municipalities. Based on the results of analysis, strategy was created and implemented as a pilot project in cooperation partner municipalities with aim to create child safe and friendly family environment promotion. Methodical material for situation analysis in other municipalities was developed and municipalities can use it as a basis material, introducing in respective municipality.

Within framework of Dzimba safety program, various materials were published which are tended towards children education. Also all together 25 Dzimbas agents were trained – they tell and educates on child safety topics in Dobele, Roja and Salacgrīva municipalities. Within Fathers program, for soon to be fathers and present fathers platform were created which offers possibility together discuss with children nurture connected questions and share the experience. But in group lessons “Guardian angel” new parents mastered every day and practical things that are connected with children education as well as suggestions how with love educate children. Family doctors as well were involved in violence prevence activities by publishing informative and supportive material for family doctors and organizing joint seminar. During the seminar experienced family doctors shared their best practice examples on violence prevence.

For more information about the project contact project manager Baiba Berovska, phone: +371 67240042, e-mail:

Project: “Promotion of child safe and friendly family environment in municipalities of Latvia”

ID No. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/093)

More about the programme can be found on the following webpages:

Project financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Programme financed by EEA financial instrument and Latvia.

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