It will be possible to attend new support groups in the municipalities of Latvia


It will be possible to attend new support groups in the municipalities of Latvia

After an intensive and creative work the research process has been finished and the following months of the project will be dedicated to ensure training to Roja, Dobele and Salacgriva local experts as well as (to) those who are interested.

In May, experts of Center Dardedze visited all the regions involved in project to present results of the situation analysis and gather ideas and proposals from local residents of how to promote safe and child-friendly family environment in the municipalities. After considering the views of all parties, experts have started to work on strategy development.

In June, nine trainee team leaders of Sargengelis group started the training program. It is planned that parents with their babies will attend the first lesson of program “Sargengelis” in Roja, Dobele and Salacgriva in early October. In these lessons new parents will not only learn how to raise their children with love but also acquire practical skills in child care.

In order to involve General Practitioners in family violence prevention activities, it is planned to issue supportive information and organize a seminar where well experienced General Practitioners will share their practical knowledge, related to violence prevention matters.

The training of new agents in Safety program Dzimba will take place on August 25th and 26th. With help of this program 25 pre-school and primary school specialists from Roja, Dobele and Salacgriva will acquire extensive knowledge in child safety, which after will be passed to their younger students. For more information about Dzimba safety program check the following web site:

A subject, such as father's role in the parenting, becomes a matter of discussion in our society more often. Therefore in September it is planned to organize a Fathers Support Group training for people, who will later conduct Father Support Groups in Roja, Dobele and Salacgriva. It will give an opportunity to fathers and fathers-to-be to discuss parenting related issues and share with their experience. For more information about Father Support Group program, please, click here:

In order to achieve the goal, which is to foster child safe and family friendly environment in municipalities of Latvia, an intensive training process during the project will be provided. All specialists taking part in the training are looking forward to local resident's forthcoming and willingness to get involved as these Support groups will be free of charge.

For more information about the project contact project manager Baiba Berovska, phone: +371 67240042, e-mail:

More about the programme can be found on the following webpages:

Project financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Programme financed by EEA financial instrument and Latvia.

Seminar in Salacgriva

Seminar in Dobele

Seminar in Roja

Training for team leaders of Sargengelis

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