Promotion of safe family environment.


Promotion of safe family environment.

Establishment "Center Dardedze" in collaboration with Dobele’s, Salacgriva’s and Roja’s municipalities and select NGO experts, starts the project „Promotion of child safe and friendly family environment in municipalities of Latvia”, 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/093, with support of The EEA Financial Mechanism’s 2009- 2014 period’s program "NGO Fund" sub-programme "NGO project measure".

The aim of the Project: In collaboration with social services of municipalities create a multi-sectoral, comprehensive approach to aid in the prevention of violence, to establish child’s protection and promote welfare of the three municipalities as a pilot project for other regions. Overarching goals are to strengthen and develop professionals who work with children and families, their interaction and implement the best preventive and protective approaches, including involving NGOs and volunteers’ work, as well as taking over social assistance and rehabilitation programs used in Dardedze. The main target audience of the Project are children, families (especially fathers) and communities to build violence – free, child safe and friendly environment, thus reducing the risk of social exclusion.

Agnese Sladzevska, CEO of „Center Dardedze”: Center Dardedze has created and adapted to Latvian situation programs and teaching materials which can be successfully used to detect risks of child abuse in a timely manner; to plan and implement services appropriate to child's needs and interests; to encourage professionals and local community to cooperation in order to make Latvian municipalities safer and friendlier for children, to reduce the number of violence against children. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share our experience with Dobele’s, Roja’s and Salacgriva’s municipalities.

Project implementation is planned from October 2013 till September 2015 in Riga, Dobele, Roja and Salacgriva. During the Project case studies will be performed in Dobele’s, Roja’s and Salacgriva’s municipalities. Based on the results of the analysis a strategy will be developed and introduced in the municipalities participating in the pilot project. Implementation of the strategy will involve GPs, local NGOs, educational institutions and families, especially fathers.

The total budget planned is 111 041.77 EUR with 90% or 99 937,59 EUR as programme’s cofinancing (95% EEA financial instrument and 5% Latvian budget) and 10% or 11 104,18 EUR as cofinancing of Centre Dardedze.

For more information about the project contact project manager Baiba Berovska, phone: +371 67240042, e-mail:

More about the programme can be found on the following webpages:

Project financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Programme financed by EEA financial instrument and Latvia.

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