Financing of EEA grants programme attracted for operation of centre Dardedze


Financing of EEA grants programme attracted for operation of centre Dardedze

Establishment „Centrs Dardedze” signed the contract No. 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/111/5/NAC/029 on 30th August 2013, that starts the project No. 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/111 “Dardedze FOR society against abuse”.
Project will be realised as part of EEA Grants sub-programme "NGO Activity Support Measure" of the programme "NGO fund" for period 2009.-2014.

The aim of Centre Dardedze work program is till the end of 2015 to maintain and develop previous initiatives in field of prevention, training and treatment, to involve society in different decisionmaking levels so that in result long-term system for protection of children rights with a child and its needs in focus is created.

The aim of 2013 is to continue work and start new initiatives in fields of prevence, training and rehabilitation, carrying out the campaign for lowering emotional abuse of children and to involve society,providing conference to update the problems and increase capacity of specialists, to create the system of protection of children human rights with a child and its needs in centre. 

Children that have to increase their knowledge about personal safety in communicating with other persons, youth and their NGOs, state and municipal institutions, high school students – future and active specialists, as well as freelancers and parents are the main target audience Dardedze plans to work with in this support measure project.
Project will be implemented by Centre Dardedze in cooperation with Latvian Children’s Fund. Measures of project are planned in national or Latvia scale.

Project will be implemented since august 2013 till December of 2015, receiving support of Social Integration fund for 2014 and 2015 years work plans.

The main activities: involvement in change of legislation and cooperation with other NGOs, promotion of compliance with human safe policy principles in municipalities, child institutions, higher education institutions, healthcare; creating anti-bullying and anti-discrimination activities with youth organizations, involve parents (fathers) in training and childcare, training of specialists and researches, involvement of volunteers, providing campaigns and inter institutional cooperation, organizing conference and other informative /publicity activities.

Planned results foresee regular involvement in development of politics and decision making, elaboration of new strategies, policies and support programmes, measures for improving involvement of society and volunteers.
The total budget planned 46853,59 LVL (66 666,65 EUR), with 90% or 42’168,24 LVL (60 000.00 EUR) as programme co financing (95% EEA financial instrument and 5%Latvian budget) and 10% or 4 685,35 LVL (6666,65 EUR) as co financing of Centre Dardedze. 

The planned costs of year 2013 are 9370,73 LVL (13 333,35 EUR), where 8’433,66 LVL (12 000,02 EUR) are project cofinancing (95% EEA financial instrument and 5% Latvian budget) and 10% or 937,07 LVL (1 333,33 EUR) as co financing of Centre Dardedze.

For more information about the project contact project manager Baiba Berovska, phone: +371 67240042,e-mail:

More about the programme can be found on the following webpages:

Project financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Programme financed by EEA financial instrument and Latvia.

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