Trainings and group lessons in Center Dardedze


Trainings and group lessons in Center Dardedze

Year 2015 for project “Dardedze FOR society against abuse” has started very active – training cycle and management of group lessons have begun.

Teachers from Ogres district have attended seminar “Mobbing or violence preventing amongst youngsters in school environment”, while psychologists and social pedagogues got acquainted with anti-mobbing program's “Courage to be friends” game “Who and What I am”, intended for working with youngsters.

Training “Basic principles of disciplining a teenager. Specifically working with children with special needs” has been conducted for representatives from Ventspils city institutions.

Ten active fathers have attended training of father group leaders with aim to start leading of father groups in Tukums, Kuldīga and other cities of Latvia.

In 2015 Center Dardedze will continue to provide group lessons “Sargeņģelis” for new parents, lessons for teenager parents “Guide raising teenagers” as well as father group lessons.

For youngsters who have experienced violence amongst peers often it is easier to talk about their problems with peers, who have been in similar situations. With aim to help these youngsters, Center Dardedze has begun to develop program “Support group for youngsters who have suffered violence”. Within framework of program, each week there have been organized support groups for class 8-12 pupils. During these group lessons themes that are topical for youngsters have been discussed.

Project: “Dardedze FOR society against abuse”

Project Id. no. 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/111

For more information about the project contact project manager Daiga Lazdiņa, phone: +371 67240042, e-mail:

Project financially supported by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.

Programme financed by EEA financial instrument and Latvia.

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