Stop violence at home


Stop violence at home

The center "Dardedze" in collaboration with The Body Shop created the informative campaign "Stop violence at home".

The aim of the campaign was to attract society’s attention to the fact that violence is a real and widely spread social problem and this dispersion is possible due to the indifference of peers and that victims have a lack of knowledge. At the same time the campaign informed people about the types of violence and collected funds for development of special therapy rooms where victims will be able to receive proper professional help.

In Latvia, the campaign has been opened by The Body Shop founder -Anita Rodick.
It took place simultaneously in all The Body Shop stores in Latvia. Within the campaign a special product line “Stop Violence at Home” was created. Income was donated to the center “Dardedze” for purchasing equipment and creating special therapy room. The symbol of this campaign – a flower sheltered in the house – was on the products – lip balm, key pendant and T-shirt.

The organizers of the campaign hoped that this symbol would express the attitude of the society to the violence in the families. At the same time campaign informative materials were made providing insight into problems of violence, types of violence and how to identify them, as well as information where to get help. All The Body Shop sales girls attended special training before the start of the campaign to be able to provide information about violence in Latvia and about institutions which solve these problems.

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