Trainings for profesionals


Trainings for profesionals

Center Dardedze offers:

  • Various training programs for updating professional capacity of different groups of specialists(psychologists, social workers, doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers, preschool, primary school and child care institutions workers, etc.), on the issues of child abuse and neglect.
  • Offsite seminars for institutions working with children on issues of child protection, child abuse and neglect.
  • Training program about prevention of child abuse.

We offer four accredited training programs:

  • Training program for psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers for rehabilitation of abused children.
  • Program‘s "Pathways to Competence” group leaders training.
  • Non-violent children upbringing methods. Discipline and punishment in the child-care institutions.
  • A set of preventive programs to reduce abuse.

Other training programs:

  • Abuse prevention methods
  • Teamwork principles in cross institutional and multidisciplinary approach in child protection
  • Team building, strengthening and problem-solving
  • Professional burn-out and self-help principles
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