Important events in 2019


Important events in 2019


  • The X Annual International Conference on the Prevention of Violence against Child “The Role of a Social Worker in Preventing Sexual Violence Against Child” was attended by more than 100 social workers from all over Latvia. During the conference, both foreign and Latvian experts highlighted a number of important topics that will help social workers to identify and recognize the signs of child sexual abuse in a timely manner and provide confidence in finding resources to prevent and assist victims of sexual violence. Particular attention was paid to a problem that has so far been little talked about but is becoming increasingly acute - peer sexual abuse. Unfortunately, statistics on harmful sexual behavior in children and adolescents are upwards.


  • In 2019, the Center Dardedze launched a social campaign “For Attentive Parents. Notice WHEN they need you! ”
    It aims to highlight the key role of parents in protecting their children from the risks of the Internet. During the campaign we talked to parents about risk factors that could threaten the safety of teenagers on the Internet and emphasized that child sexual harassment through new technology and the Internet is one of the most common threats to their safety.
    During the campaign, expert discussions were held to raise the issue of the crucial role of parents in helping teenagers to avoid risk situations.


  • Within the framework of the preventive program “Child Safe and Friendly Kindergarten” implemented by Center Dardedze together with the Latvian Association of SOS Children's Villages, in close cooperation with Riga Municipality, seven other pre-school educational institutions that implemented this preventive program received certificates.


  • Rebuilding the Dzimba Safety Program: The Dzimba`s Journey turns into a "Visiting Dzimba". A new field of the off-campus program has been designed and developed – the Dzimba`s Guest School.


  • To promote interinstitutional cooperation, Center Dardedze brought together representatives from government, academical and the non-governmental sector, as well as practitioners, to bring them together to co-ordinate work on preventing and preventing child sexual abuse. The aim of the expert group is to promote research in this area, data collection and analysis, and education of professionals and the general public.
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