Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel

Help for mothers and children in crisis situations!

Program`s Guardian Angel goal is to create a support system for new families where young parents come from orphanages, or are families that are in high social risk situations and are expecting baby or parenting a young child.

Guardian Angel provide support for child`s upbringing and care
After the baby is born, the support relationship continues. During this time our specialists helps parents to learn practical skills in baby care, provides advices on how to maintain self-discipline and restraint, how to cope with stress, tiredness, worries and anger without becoming aggressive and violent to the child. 

Guardian Angel support groups for new families
Parents have the opportunity to attend parent support group. Group is chaired by a professional social worker who attracts specialists if needed. In these groups, parents have the opportunity to meet other parents and share experiences, develop mutual support networks that are very necessary for every parent. Belonging to a group helps to avoid social isolation or exclusion, which is one of the abuse risk factors against children. Parents can come together with their children. They will be looked after and supported by those “Guardian angels”.

Counseling for new families
For this project there is a professional, full-time social worker, who:

  • provides families to have regular meetings with support persons
  • provides them with necessary support, knowledge and skills,
  • works with social services,
  • involve other family members in problem solving, as well as a part-time psychologist where mothers can receive psychological counseling.


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