Pathaway to competence


Pathaway to competence

“Pathways to Competence” for parents who raise children from birth to age of 7

“Pathways to Competence” objectives are:

  • encourage child`s confidence;
  • reduce anxiety;
  • strengthen self-esteem;
  • encourage communication;
  • encourage child`s involvement in various activities;
  • encourage relationships with peers;
  • encourage emotion self-regulation.

Program is designed for parents who have concerns about parenting, who would like to to expand their knowledge, enhance children`s emotional development, and gain new experience or simply have a desire to be a better parent. As well, it can be a great help to parents whose children are sometimes arbitrary or with aggressive behavior.

How does it work?
Group of parents meets 10 times, once a week. One class lasts for 2.5 hours and it all takes place in the "Center Dardedze”, where parents go through a 10 step program.

This program`s author is a psychologist Sarah Landy ("Encouraging Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Young Children", Toronto, Canada). In Latvia it was introduced and adapted by psychologist Edīte Ozola, in collaboration with the "Center Dardedze", Latvian University and the Children`s and Family Ministry.


(In collaboration with Save the Children (Sweden))

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