Trainings for profesionals


Trainings for profesionals

Center Dardedze offers:

  • Various training programs for updating professional capacity of different groups of specialists (psychologists, social workers, doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers, preschool, primary school and child care institutions workers, etc.), on the issues of child abuse and neglect.
  • Offsite seminars for institutions working with children on issues of child protection, child abuse and neglect.
  • Training program about prevention of child abuse.

Training programs we offer for specialists:

"Emotional upbringing of children” (BEA)

A course for social workers, psychologists, teachers, upon completion of which a specialist can independently lead training and support groups for parents. Aim: to provide parents with an understanding of the child's developmental course and behavior from birth to 7 years of age, as well as to help to adjust the child's behavior gently and according to age


“A guide to raising a teenager" (CAP)

A course for social workers, psychologists, pedagogues, upon completion of which a specialist can independently lead training and support groups for parents of teenagers. The aim is to give parents an understanding of what is important for adolescents at this age, what is happening to them and how parents can build successful relationships with their children. Program for parents of teenagers has been developed by the specialists of the Center Dardedze and social work specialists have participated in its approbation.


"Therapeutic methods" (training for psychologists and psychotherapists)

The training course prepares psychologists to work with a child who has been abused. In it, you will learn the skills and tools to work effectively not only with the traumatic event itself, but also with the symptoms and consequences that the event has caused for the child and family. The course covers topics such as focusing on reality and autonomy, working with emotions, guilt after violence, a child's relationship with a non-violent caregiver, sexuality, and more.


"Become a Dzimba Agent!"

Dzimba is an image that teaches children about personal safety in communication with other people in an easy-to-understand way. To make the knowledge available to as many children as possible, we have developed the “Dzimba 9-Step Safety Program” - a cycle of 9 lessons for children aged 5 to 10. The program is implemented by specially trained instructors - Dzimba security agents, who present seemingly complicated things easily and clearly with the help of music, games, movies and role-plays. There are currently more than 600 Jimba agents working in Latvia. We invite every pedagogue who wants to work to join their group, so that all Latvian children can acquire safe communication skills in pre-schools and primary schools.


“Preventing Mobbing in the School Environment”

A practical one-day seminar for teachers, school administration, social educators and school psychologists and other staff working with students and class members.

"Youth and the risks of sexting"

School staff and other specialists who work with young people on a daily basis. Topic - causes, risks and consequences of sex and children sex, as well as possible help for sex victims.


“Traffic light”: child sexual abuse - how to recognize and act

The seminar is intended for social workers, educators, health care professionals and other professionals who work with children on a daily basis and for whom it is important to be able to notice the signs and risks of child sexual abuse and be able to respond to them.


Basic principles of children's rights

Seminar for employees of educational institutions “Implementation of the basic principles of children's rights and promotion of a safe environment in an educational institution”. Participants will gain knowledge about the basic principles of children's rights, types and forms of violence against children, risk factors and consequences. Particular attention is paid to violence prevention measures in the educational institution, action in situations of violence detection and cooperation in mitigating the consequences of violence.


Other training programs:

  • Abuse prevention methods
  • Teamwork principles in cross institutional and multidisciplinary approach in child protection
  • Child Safe and Friendly Kindergrten
  • Professional burn-out and self-help principles

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